Packaged in a biodegradable tube, our Lemon & Clove Lipbalm is a rejuvenating and anti-bacterial lip remedy for all occasions. 

May help to relieve pain associated with ulcers & cold sores.

A gorgeous bland of organic beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil in combination with the above mentioned organic essental oils results in long-lasting, super hydrating lipcare free from nasty chemicals.


Weight: 10g

L & C Lipbalm

Refill (Moranbah residents only)

These biodegradable tubes consist of a push up mechanism, simply use your finger or the back of a pen to gently push up the sliding mechanism at the base of the tube. Once you have the desired amount at the top, cap it and continue using your balm until you need more. It is not recommended you push the balm back into the tube again.

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